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Townhall Radio

Mobilising For Social Change !

Townhall Radio (TR) is a content network dedicated to mobilising Nigerians and the people of Sub-Sahara Africa for constructive social change through talk shows, music, news & events, podcast, blog and documentation. We articulate and document viable solutions to Nigerian leadership and development problems at the state level, local level and individual level as well as providing a voice to desperate victims of social injustice in Nigeria. Our ‘Townhall’ name is intended to reflect our community-oriented focus towards providing critical virtual townhall space where relevant ideas are rigorously examined, debated, shared and documented. If you shared similar interests, why not get in touch or drop us a line. We actively solicit for partners, contributors and supporters that will help us achieve our mission. We love to hear from you !

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Website: http://www.townhallradio.co

Telefoon: +31 683174582

E-mail: inform@townhallradio.co

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